This is a historical moment in Sim Speedway an increase by a 1/3rd in membership from 30 to 40 teams was an exciting phenomenon as the aptly named Evolution League (as voted by managers) was born.Then critical changes were made as Andy 'Statto' Dixon got to work to amend the riders averages so we could fit in a forth tier in Sim (the changes are good as many riders now have options to race in all four Leagues (riders making life choices), even more exciting  now is that 3 teams are promoted and three relegated throughout the leagues.

The Evolution League sits at the third level of Sim Speedway and will set up in it's first season with many experienced ex UL and PL campaigners who are dropping down, put these in the mix with many young starlets from last seasons AL and a number of up and coming overseas youngsters the scene is well set, even more so as we have 4 very experienced managers competing with a bunch of last seasons surprisingly good first season managers and depending on manager picks for their teams it looks to be an exceptionally talented league.

Obviously all eyes will be on this league, but as it is 25% of our Sim Leagues we believe the integration will be smooth.