Applying to enter the league or continuing to run in the league means you have read, understood and agree with ALL the rules listed below,these rules also must be read, understood and agreed.


1. The main administrators of this game are Fred Taylor, Robert Elliot,Andy Dixon & Rob Goldsby
from now on referred to as the NSSPA (New Sim Speedway Promoters Association). All queries regarding joining the game should be directed to Fred here.

2. You must have a valid email address to be able to take part in this game, and you must check it at least once every two days.
If you do not meet these criteria then you should not apply to enter the league.

3. If you are going on holiday or will be away for a few days and cannot send your weekly tactics to us, please let us know in advance – in this instance your default settings,
or tactics you send in before going away will apply and you will not receive emails from us asking where you are, a fine, or even worse an email saying we have sacked you for not responding !!

 4. Three leagues will be run, these rules are the general game rules, the different rules applying to each league can be found on the respective league pages.
The top division will have the best riders in, and so forth down to the Juvenile Jaunt which will be run as a youth development league.

 5. Finishing positions from the previous Sim Speedway season will govern which leagues teams will run in during the following season.

 6. 30 places are available each season for the Ultimate, Power & Evolution leagues, priority will be given to managers who run teams in the previous season,
and then we will allocate places to managers on our reserve list. Basically, first come, first served !

 7. There is a cost to us for providing this game, we have to pay for things like webspace for the Sim site, our e-mail addresses, and other general running costs.
We therefore ask each manager to help us cover these costs by paying a donation fee to enter the game, the current fee to enter is £33 per team per season.

8. We reserve the right to sack managers for serious rule breaches, or consistent breaking of any of the rules of the site, the game or the forum.


Sacking managers is always a last resort for us, and we are happy to report a very infrequent exercise.

9. In the event of a manager being sacked, for whatever reason - no refund of any entry money will be given.


1. You must post match tactics for every meeting, failure to do this will result in a fine at the NSSPA's discretion and your default decisions will apply.
Your tactics for the meeting must get to us at the very latest by midday on the Monday before the weeks meetings. You must always give us a 1-7 line up, even if it is the same as the previous week, this is to avoid any confusion that can creep in.


If you want the same tactics as last time, then you can give us a 1-7 and put "same tactics as last week" or something similar. This is simply to let us know you are still there and still interested in the game.


You post tactics in the appropriate forum section.

2. The NSSPA will stage for all divisions (except the Juvenile Jaunt) a league championship, a 2 leg knock out cup, a fours tournament, a three team tournament, a pairs tournament and an individual riders championship.


All competitions are free to enter and they will mostly carry game prize money, details of which can be found below in the prizes section.


 1. The forum is seen as your 'media outlet', things you would normally send to the local press, or say on local radio etc. and anything you post on here is read by the NSSPA. While it is not compulsory to use the forum and post, the NSSPA can give benefits for it's use.

These could be anything from a crowd increase due to good advertising up to a riders form improving if a manager backs their rider or threatens his team place. Anything that could cause an increase in real speedway from a press release will be considered to do the same in Sim Speedway.


 The prizes for being successful in Sim Speedway can be found on the appropriate League Rule pages