SIMON STEVENS


Simon Stevens has ridden every season for Owlerton/Sheffield back to 2004!  In total that is 23 seasons – with just one short spell away when he was loaned to Aberavon mid-season after team changes at Owlerton.  He has helped steer the club from the EL to the UL twice and was awarded a testimonial for 10 seasons with Owlerton in 2011.  Without any question the greatest one-club man that Sim Speedway has known – a record very unlikely to ever be beaten,this kind of loyalty needs to be supported with a GOLD Hall of Famer accreditation for LOYALTY - So Simon is awarded the GOLD AWARD the highest accolade for  one club loyalty.





Iain Hines has ridden for Owlerton/Sheffield in 13 seasons, starting in the Development League in 2005/06.  He progressed on loan before re-joining Owlerton for 4 UL seasons and was awarded a testimonial for 10 seasons at Owleton (as an asset) in 2012/13.  He had a spell with Brighton and Midlothian in the UL before returning to help lead Sheffield from the EL to the UL.  Spent one more year away but has been back with the side for the last 3 seasons,this kind of loyalty needs to be supported with a SILVER  Hall of Famer accreditation for LOYALTY  - again we have pleasure in awarding Iain the SILVER AWARD, an amazing selfless attitude deserving of this award.



Stephen Trowbridge started in the Owlerton Development League side in 2006.  After 6 seasons out on loan he came into the senior side in the UL in 2012/13.  A further spell in the PL followed before returning for another UL season.  When Owlerton changed to Sheffield and dropped to the EL he was too good to drop down but signed in 2016/17 when Sheffield were promoted to the PL and has been with the club since.  In total he has ridden for Owlerton/Sheffield in 9 seasons and was awarded a testimonial for 10 seasons with the club (as an asset) in 2014,this kind of loyalty needs to be supported with a BRONZE  Hall of Famer accreditation for LOYALTY - Stephen worked hard  to make his team place with the Owls then the Dons and is deserving of the BRONZE AWARD for LOYALTY.



Induction Season           
                          Rider Name           
2009                   Martin Shaw           
2009                   Jesper Risager           
2009                   Michal Beijerholm           
2009                   Carl Hooper           
2009/2010         Scott Simpson           
2009/2010         Steven Evitts           
2011                    Simon Stevens           
2011                    Brett Tolhurst           
2012                    James Marsh           
2012                    Graeme Black           
2012/2013         Daniel Lawson           
2012/2013         Maik Frandheim           
2013                    Rado Kornacki           
2013                    Morten Simonsen           
2014                    Andreas Polonek           
2014                    Ben Leighton 
2014/15              Robin London           
2014/15              Nick Ambrose       
2015/16              Petr Verner           
2015/16              Scott Bridges           
2016                    Luke Treadwell           
2016                    Jonus Sandin           
2016                    Scott Newstead       
2016/17              David Charlton
2016/17              Chris Adams
2016/17              Viv Thompson
2017                     Matija Petkovic
2017                     Tony Clipstone
2017                     Ryan Irwin
2018                    Gabrys Irzyk
2018                    Stephen Trowbridge
2018                    Iain Hines
2018/19             Fillipe Chong
2018/19             Maceij Tercjak
2018/19             Vladislav Akumbaev
2019                   Tibor Nemecek
2019                   Steen Eriksen
2019                   Enzo Innacone
2020                   Liam Reay
2020                   Nick Ambrose
2020                   Andrew Williamson
Induction Season           
                         Manager Name & Teams           
2009                 Nick Ward - Brighton Sharks           
2009                 Fred Taylor - Grays Flyers           
2009/2010      Andy Dixon - Owlerton Owls           
2011                 Derek Purvis - Tweedside Tigers           
2012                 Robert Elliot - Midlothian Panthers           
2012/13          John Coles - Aberavon Gems           
2013                 Tim Scott - Wolston Warriors           
2014                 Terry Hall - Chantry Crusaders           
2014/15           Graeme Bailey - Teesside Transporters           
2014/15           Charlie Gow - Lanarkshire Lions       
2014/15           Andy Davidson - Glastonbury Gunners RIP       
2015/16           Guy Bailey - Whtby Vampires   
2015/16           Steve Mitchell - Rye Racers
2015/16           David Grainger - Workington Logheads
2016                  Rob Golsby - Kings Lynn Lightning
2016                  Steve Donaldson - Tunstall Terriors
2016                  Barry Cadd - Blunsdon Bombers       
2016/17            Sean Wood - Milton Keynes Cats
2016/17            Steve Morgan - Wednesfield Wanderers
2016/17            Nicola Gow - Hampden Eagles
2017                   Terry Rigby - Newmarket Raiders
2017                   Liam Elder - Tilbury Dockers
2017                   Steve Hayes - Canvey Island Crusaders
2018                   Craig Richardson - Wantage Kings
2018                   Paul Duff - Bottesford Bullets
2018                   Mark Evans - Hull Angels
2018/19            Rich Austin - Foxhall Vikings
2018/19            Bob Jones - Necrons
2018/19            Darren Evans - Leeds Jaguars
2019                   Ernie Poulton - Leyton Rockets
2019                   Terry Meech - Wandsworth Rams
2019                   Steven Hunt - Charlemont Chargers
2020                   Tom Richards - Reading Rebels