There will be 14 teams competing in the junior league. The league will consist of two groups of seven teams which will be drawn at random. Teams will race each other home and away. Points will be awarded as follows: 

2pts for a win

1pt for a draw

0pts for a loss


There will be no bonus points awarded. Should teams finish level on points then they will be separated by points difference. If this is the same it will go to points scored. If they still cannot be separated it will go on the head to head between the two teams over the two league meetings they raced against each other.


After the league season has been run the top 4 teams from each group will meet in play off quarter-finals. The play offs will be run on a knock out basis, quarter finals then semi finals then the Grand Final.



The play off quarter finals will be run over one leg as the teams finishing first and second during the league competition deserve this advantage. The semi finals and Grand Final will be run over two legs. The play offs will run as follows:


Quarter-finals (One leg)

1.Winner group A vs 4th group B

2.Second group B vs 3rd group A

3.Second group A vs 3rd group B

4.Winner group B vs 4th group A


Semi-finals (Two legs)

A.Winner match 2 vs Winner match 1

B.Winner match 3 vs Winner match 4


Grand Final (Two legs)

Winner match A vs Winner match B


Team Make Up and Race Format

Each team will consist of 7 riders and meetings will be raced over a 13 heat format (format from the 1970s). Managers can choose to line up their top five how they wish but the two riders with the lowest averages must ride at reserve. There will be no tactical substitutions available during meetings so the young riders do not become despondent by being replaced when in the main body of the team. Reserves will come in for exclusions and injuries and will alternate the extra rides. Highest averaged reserve the first extra ride then the second highest averaged reserve the next and so on. Rider's averages will change after every 6 matches as in the senior leagues so please keep an eye on your rider averages.


Injuries are always a part of speedway. You can choose to use R/R to replace the injured rider or use a guest up to the same average as the injured rider. If you use R/R you will need to put which rider will take which R/R ride when posting your teams. If one of your reserves is injured you will have to use a guest. There will be no number 8s this season.


There will also be a Junior Riders Championship. This will be for each teams top averaged rider once the league matches have been completed.



This is a very important part of the junior section of SIM

All teams will have a pot of 8 coaching sessions for their Junior riders. Managers can send riders to the NSSPA coaches for intense coaching sessions. These sessions can be used by managers for whichever of their junior riders they see fit. If they wish to use all 8 sessions for 1 rider then they can. Be aware though that each resulting session will be less effective than the one before.


A maximum of 2 sessions can be used in any one week and at any time during the season. The 2 sessions can be for 2 different riders or both for 1 rider. These sessions will result in a boost to the racing average of the rider depending how well they do at the session. To apply for these coaching sessions please send a PM or email to myself (Kings Lynn Lightning) stating which rider/s require coaching. I will then message you back to let you know how your rider/s did and what boost to their average they attained. I will put a coaching session countdown on your team page so you know how many sessions you have left.


Another way to improve your rider’s racing average is for managers to use their team’s coach and post about these sessions on the forum. Smaller average boosts will come from these training sessions. Managers will not be informed of these boosts but rest assured they will happen.


Allocation Of Riders

The beginning of each season new riders will be allocated teams whose rider/s have moved into the Evolution League, become too old (over 18) for the junior section or just simply retired from racing.