The Juvenile Jaunt superceded the Development League, it wasn't just a name change, the NSSPA and its funding partners have brought together a team of experienced admin, coaches and mechanics to support the young riders and their mentors whilst engaged in this competition.


Each club is represented in the competition with a rider from the draft pick list, with the other eight riders on the unattached list.


This competition has evolved and is now the area where young Brit's and dual nationals can make their way in the sport.


Now in the very capable hands of Rob Golsby the JJ  CEO it is run over 10 x 20 heat Individual events in each region, culminating in a GP style finale over 3 meetings at our JJ stadiums, where riders from all regions race off the a prize of up to 16 riders looking for Academy League places (usually based on final GSA's).




To date we have seen some excellent speedway and a noticeable betterment of young riders coming into the Sim Leagues, the JJ is split into three geographical groups giving every club / manager a rider representative in the competition, with 19 riders in each group, there are nine riders who are not attached to clubs,  each season sees riders moving on up into the Academy League,  some moving to the continent or leaving the sport for an number of reasons (one is not reaching a suitable average), these riders form part of the draft pick riders at the start of the next season, when they are joined by a number of new riders to complete the draft list.


Those riders not included in the AL Transfer lists will join with all riders of age and GSA whowill continue to race in the JJ in the next season.


The season ends with The Grand Final, after the conclusion of the series, the Draft Lists for both Clubs and Riders will be published, so that this element can be dealt with in the close season.


Now its up to everyone to map the progress of our youngsters and ONE DAY we may get a Grand Prix winner.......