SimWorld - A place where all riders want to be seen, but most definitely a place where all managers should be looking in, the SW guru Andy Dixon has put together some superb competitions with just a few subtle changes is now a very vibrant part of Sim Speedway.


The competitions go from strength to strength, we have seen better meetings as Andy's 'statto' brain has engaged to give riders a more realistic competition average, these are now aligned to League and International form / performances. So in season the highs and lows of the riders form are included in the start averages, which gives a realistic feel to a riders performance in any of the meetings.


Well that's the technical stuff, these competitions have served us proud over the years and from their successes many riders names just roll off the tongue, for many younger riders getting into the U/18 or U/21 competition has boosted their career for others it may have come a little early and set them back.


For us the new World Championship GP set up is a fantastic competition and is heralded by us (the old farts of the NSSPA) as Andy's masterstroke. Bringing back the semi finals for both the World U/21 and British U/18's has given more riders a place to show their abilities.


For 2014/15 Andy was keen to introduce a World Pairs competition (the NSSPA agreed), it will not be 'live' managed, but run in house and will be a very well structured competition allowing for many of the lesser countries a chance to shine on the SimWorld stage.


Onwards and upwards