3 of last year's top 5 finishers met in the first race of this meeting with Jay Patterson (runner-up last time) beating defending (two time in fact) champion Riley Payne for the win, Luke Cook (looking to improve on his last finish of 5th) in third.  All the rostrum finishers from the last final were back for this one and Oliver Courtney won heat 2 to suggest the trio would again be the ones to beat in this year's title chase.  Allan Cormack and Steven Milne joined Patterson and Courtney as early heat winners.
Patterson and Courtney remained unbeaten in the second round of rides, the latter seeing off Payne whose title appeared to be slipping from his grasp.  After 2 races apiece the pair sat a point ahead of Milne and all 3 were due to meet in a potentially title deciding heat 9.
The crucial heat 9 saw Patterson and Courtney pull ahead early on before the Patterson pulled away after a tight first lap to remain unbeaten ahead of the interval.  Payne, Cook and Adam Austin won the next heats to all move to 7 points, just behind the leaders.
It seemed to be Patterson's title to lose now and he won heat 13 to remain unbeaten as Payne, Cook and Courtney all won to at least keep the pressure up.  Patterson needed a win in heat 17 to claim the title win and duly did so, nobody being in any doubt that he was the best rider on show on the day and leaving the rest to battle for the minor rostrum places.
Defending champ Payne won heat 18 to guarantee him at least a run-off chance of finishing in the top 3 again and when Courtney headed Cook in the following race it confirmed the top 3 places without any need for an extra heat.
So, in the end 4 of last year's top 5 returned and filled the top spots in this meeting and everyone else will be happy to know they are all over-age next season, as are several others who performed strongly in this meeting.  The highest finisher who will compete next season was Cain Smith, who finished 5th with 10 points, and he will be looking to keep developing and push for the title next year.  15 year old Keiron Thorne, currently competing in the Junior League, picked up a race win in finishing 10th, in fact he could have scored more but for a final heat exclusion, and he will want to challenge for a win over the next couple of seasons he will be eligible.
  1. Jay Patterson............. 3  3  3  3  3  15
  2. Oliver Courtney........... 3  3  2  3  3  14
  3. Riley Payne............... 2  2  3  3  3  13
  4. Luke Cook................. 1  3  3  3  2  12
  5. Cain Smith................ 1  2  2  2  3  10
  6. Adam Austin............... 2  2  3  1  2  10
  7. Steven Milne.............. 3  2  1  1  1   8
  8. Allan Cormack............. 3  0  2  0  2   7
  9. Robby Watson.............. 0  1  2  2  2   7
 10. Kieron Thorne............. 0  3  0  2  Fx  5
 11. David Jenner.............. 2  1  0  1  1   5
 12. Alex Kelly................ 2  0  0  2  F   4
 13. Greg Randall.............. 1  1  1  0  1   4
 14. Derek Tompkins............ 1  1  1  F  0   3
 15. Adam Hunter............... 0  0  0  1  0   1
 16. Shane Arnold.............. 0  0  1  0  0   1
 No. Results
  1: Jay Patterson, Riley Payne, Luke Cook, Kieron Thorne 
  2: Oliver Courtney, Adam Austin, Cain Smith, Adam Hunter 
  3: Allan Cormack, Alex Kelly, Derek Tompkins, Shane Arnold 
  4: Steven Milne, David Jenner, Greg Randall, Robby Watson 
  5: Jay Patterson, Cain Smith, Greg Randall, Shane Arnold 
  6: Oliver Courtney, Riley Payne, Robby Watson, Allan Cormack 
  7: Luke Cook, Adam Austin, David Jenner, Alex Kelly 
  8: Kieron Thorne, Steven Milne, Derek Tompkins, Adam Hunter 
  9: Jay Patterson, Oliver Courtney, Steven Milne, Alex Kelly 
 10: Riley Payne, Cain Smith, Derek Tompkins, David Jenner 
 11: Luke Cook, Robby Watson, Shane Arnold, Adam Hunter 
 12: Adam Austin, Allan Cormack, Greg Randall, Kieron Thorne 
 13: Jay Patterson, Robby Watson, Adam Austin, Derek Tompkins (F) 
 14: Riley Payne, Alex Kelly, Adam Hunter, Greg Randall 
 15: Luke Cook, Cain Smith, Steven Milne, Allan Cormack 
 16: Oliver Courtney, Kieron Thorne, David Jenner, Shane Arnold 
 17: Jay Patterson, Allan Cormack, David Jenner, Adam Hunter 
 18: Riley Payne, Adam Austin, Steven Milne, Shane Arnold 
 19: Oliver Courtney, Luke Cook, Greg Randall, Derek Tompkins 
 20: Cain Smith, Robby Watson, Alex Kelly (F), Kieron Thorne (Fx)