WEEK 8 - National Semi Finals (16 riders will qualify for National Finals).  Rounds are open to all riders, including current GP riders.


WEEK 10 - National Finals (top 5 eligible riders qualify to GP Challenge Semi Finals).  Current GP riders will compete for the title but do not need to qualify for the GP Challenge.


WEEKS 20 & 22 - GP Challenge Semi Finals (top 4 from each to GP Challenge Final).  In addition to the 30 qualifiers from the National Finals there will be 2 wild card picks.


WEEK 25 - GP Challenge Final (top 5 qualify for next season's GP Series).  GP Challenge is made up of riders finishing 9th-15th in the current GP Series + 8 qualifiers from GP Challenge Semi Finals + 1 wild card pick.





Riders finishing 1st-8th in the current GP Series

1st-5th in the GP Challenge

2 wild card picks

1 wild card place for each round