A simple stunning round for STEEN ERIKSEN (LANARKSHIRE LIONS) as he dropped just a single point on his way to winning this round and jumping to the top of the leaderboard, after starting in 5th, overall at the halfway stage of the series!  Wild Card pick OLLE BJORN THORESEN (OSLO OWLS) kept the many Norwegian supporters in the crowd happy by taking a fine 2nd in the Grand FInal and showing that he is more than comortable riding at the very highest level.  FILLIPPE CHONG (WANTAGE KINGS) took 3rd place to cement his spot just behind the leading pack whilst HANS E BERGESTOL (TEESSIDE TRANSPORTERS) continued his recent revival by reaching the Grand Final and moving into the top 8 overall.
The other riders to make the Semi Finals all ended the meeting with a useful 9 point total - those being RUDI JURITZEN (OSLO OWLS), LIAM REAY (TILBURY DOCKERS), HAYDEN WOOD (LANARKSHIRE LIONS) and GABRYS IRZYK (FALMOUTH FALCONS).  Juritzen moves up a couple of places, within striking distance of the top 8, whilst Reay consolidated his top 8 spot.  Wood and Irzyk started the day with title ambitions and both maintained the same points gap to the series leader with the top 4 now all separated by just 4 points.
BOGUSLAW KRYZNOWEK (MILTON KEYNES CATS) started the meeting as the series leader and scored well early on but he suffered an engine failure after the interval and couldn't recover the reach the Semi Finals.  The good news for him was that only Eriksen took advantage of his misfortune and he is just a point behind the new series leader so no real damage was done.  BORIS DVOYNEV (WEDNESFIELD WANDERERS) was another to suffer misfortune with a fall in his last heat costing him any chance of reaching the latter races and he remains down in 16th overall and needing big improvements and quickly if he wants to avoid the GP Challenge meeting.  Defending champion LUKE TREADWELL (TEESSIDE TRANSPORTERS) was solid as he picked up 7 points but is another needing to record some big scores if he wants to make any impact in the second half of this year's GPs.  NICK AMBROSE (WANTAGE KINGS) scored 6 and drops a place overall, whilst HENRIK HANSEN (HAMPDEN EAGLES) and TIBOR NEMECEK (KING'S LYNN LIGHTNING) both scored 5 and dropped, in their cases out of the top 8, but all 3 are still very much in the running for automatic qualification for next season.  DENNIS GROVES (AMSTERDAM ANACONDAS) was called in from reserve once again but couldn't make the impact of earlier rounds, scoring just 4, and BRAXTON MCCHESNEY (SHEFFIELD DONS) had a nightmare round after starting with a heat win and falls to 14th overall.  CHRIS ADAMS (AMSTERDAM ANACONDAS) took a single reserve ride but, coming in cold, could only trail round at the back.  Of course the real hard luck story was that of DAVID BEDFORD (KING'S LYNN LIGHTNING) who started the day just a point behind the leader but missed the round with a wrist injury: Bedford falls to 6th overall, 10 points behind Eriksen and will be doing everything he can to ensure he recovers in time for the next round as he tries to get back on the pace at the very top.
  1. Steen Eriksen............. 3  3  3  3  2  3  3  20
  2. Olle Bjorn Thoresen....... 1  3  2  3  0  3  2  14
  3. Fillippe Chong............ 3  2  2  1  1  2  1  12
  4. Hans E Bergestol.......... 2  1  3  0  3  2  0  11
  5. Rudi Juritzen............. 0  3  3  2  0  1  -   9
  6. Liam Reay................. 0  2  1  2  3  1  -   9
  7. Hayden Wood............... 1  1  1  3  3  0  -   9
  8. Gabrys Irzyk.............. 2  1  3  1  2  0  -   9
  9. Boguslaw Kryznowek........ 2  3  2  R  1  -  -   8
 10. Boris Dvoynev............. 3  0  1  3  Fx -  -   7
 11. Luke Treadwell............ 1  0  2  2  2  -  -   7
 12. Nick Ambrose.............. 2  0  0  1  3  -  -   6
 13. Henrik Hansen............. 0  2  1  0  2  -  -   5
 14. Tibor Nemecek............. 1  2  0  1  1  -  -   5
 15. Dennis Groves............. 0  1  0  2  1  -  -   4
 16. Braxton McChesney......... 3  0  0  0  E  -  -   3
 17. Chris Adams............... 0  -  -  -  -  -  -   0
 18. Ryan Irwin................ Did not ride
 No. Results
  1: Steen Eriksen, Gabrys Irzyk, Olle Bjorn Thoresen, Rudi Juritzen 
  2: Fillippe Chong, Hans E Bergestol, Tibor Nemecek, Dennis Groves 
  3: Braxton McChesney, Boguslaw Kryznowek, Hayden Wood, Henrik Hansen 
  4: Boris Dvoynev, Nick Ambrose, Luke Treadwell, Liam Reay 
  5: Olle Bjorn Thoresen, Tibor Nemecek, Hayden Wood, Luke Treadwell 
  6: Steen Eriksen, Henrik Hansen, Hans E Bergestol, Nick Ambrose 
  7: Rudi Juritzen, Liam Reay, Dennis Groves, Braxton McChesney 
  8: Boguslaw Kryznowek, Fillippe Chong, Gabrys Irzyk, Boris Dvoynev 
  9: Hans E Bergestol, Olle Bjorn Thoresen, Boris Dvoynev, Braxton McChesney 
 10: Steen Eriksen, Boguslaw Kryznowek, Liam Reay, Tibor Nemecek 
 11: Rudi Juritzen, Fillippe Chong, Hayden Wood, Nick Ambrose 
 12: Gabrys Irzyk, Luke Treadwell, Henrik Hansen, Dennis Groves 
 13: Olle Bjorn Thoresen, Dennis Groves, Nick Ambrose, Boguslaw Kryznowek (R) 
 14: Steen Eriksen, Luke Treadwell, Fillippe Chong, Braxton McChesney 
 15: Boris Dvoynev, Rudi Juritzen, Tibor Nemecek, Henrik Hansen 
 16: Hayden Wood, Liam Reay, Gabrys Irzyk, Hans E Bergestol 
 17: Liam Reay, Henrik Hansen, Fillippe Chong, Olle Bjorn Thoresen 
 18: Hayden Wood, Steen Eriksen, Dennis Groves, Boris Dvoynev (Fx) 
 19: Hans E Bergestol, Luke Treadwell, Boguslaw Kryznowek, Rudi Juritzen 
 20: Nick Ambrose, Gabrys Irzyk, Tibor Nemecek, Chris Adams 
 SEMI FINAL1: Steen Eriksen, Fillippe Chong, Rudi Juritzen, Hayden Wood 
 SEMI FINAL2: Olle Bjorn Thoresen, Hans E Bergestol, Liam Reay, Gabrys Irzyk 
 GRAND FINAL: Steen Eriksen, Olle Bjorn Thoresen, Fillippe Chong, Hans E Bergestol